Beyond the Boardroom

Business women today are in a unique position.  They play many roles:  executives, managers, contributors, wives, mothers and sisters.  Managing the responsibilities associated with these roles can affect many of the decisions that women make in their professional and personal lives.

For example did you know:

  • According to CNN Financial Editor Todd Benjamin’s Boardroom blog, the reality is that the CEO world is still largely made up of men, and while CNN has contacted most of the leading female CEOs, many are reticent to appear (on CNN).
    • The Boardroom, like the modern business world, is male dominated.
    • Leading female managers are keen to play down the gender issue.
    • This can robs aspiring business women of valuable role models.
  • According to the Business Women’s Association’s SA Women in Corporate Leadership Census 2006, females made up only 16.85% of executive managers, 11.5% of directors and 6.4% of CEOs and board chairs in that year.
  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of businesses owned by women increased 20 percent during a recent five-year period while the revenues produced by those firms jumped 15 percent.
  • Research shows that mentoring improves the promotion prospects for women managers.  Dr Judi Marshall of Bath University found that of the 30 senior women managers she interviewed, 70% of them were in mentoring relationships.  All placed great value on the relationship and said it was an important factor in their career development.  The mentors sponsored the women and often nominated them for promotion when they would not normally have been considered.
  • Deloitte Consulting saved $250 million in turnover costs by implementing a comprehensive professional development system to retain and advance women leaders.

Elizabeth JaroszIt's information like this that inspired Elizabeth Jarosz (The Apprentice) and Tom Floyd to join together to create the smash hit program Beyond The Boardroom.  It started as a unique one day experience where Elizabeth used innovative approaches to help women define their unique visions of success professionally and personally.  This one day program gained rapid acclaim and was quickly sponsored by companies such as Yahoo! and National Semiconductor.

  • 100% of the women who attended the program would recommend Beyond the Boardroom to a friend.
  • 90% of women who attended were satisfied or extremely satisfied with the program.
  • 88% of participants said they would use the knowledge or skills gained in Beyond the Boardroom in their everyday work environment. 

In the program, participants:

  • Create a powerful, visual success story that defines what professional and personal success means to them.
  • Discover realities impacting success through facilitated self-reflection.
  • Identify and discuss barriers to success ranging from effective communication to navigating uncertain political waters.
  • Further their career development by creating a tangible action plan with SMART goals.
  • Develop a support network with other talented women from a variety of fields.
  • Sustain their progress as their goals evolve through on-going, post program events.

Each participant's growth doesn’t end with a one-time event program.  On a 3-month basis, participants have an opportunity to touch base with the network they’ve established and discuss the progress they’ve made on the goals identified in a facilitated environment. 

In addition to receiving personalized coaching and encouragement from the network each woman establishes, participants will have the opportunity to stay true to their success through regular, focused sessions that reinforce their individualized paths.  They'll Map it, then Move IT and continue this momentum indefinitely.