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Change - many fear it. Some accept it. Others embrace it. But no matter the feeling, change is an eternal constant that permeates our lives, our companies, our world.

The recent Great Recession challenged businesses in ways unimaginable. Some crashed and burned. But there are those who successfully adapted and are now thriving. How did they survive this tough economy? What is the role of change management in this brave new world? Can it help put in place the people, culture, technology and training required for successful change adoption?

You’ll find answers on Chatting About Change. Hosted by Tom Floyd, this hour-long show brings together authors, experts, and corporate movers and shakers to talk about change management. It promises to enliven, enrich and entertain audiences as Tom’s conversational approach draws insights, best practices and memorable quotes from his guests.

A telling 2008 IBM CEO study revealed that while 80 percent of CEOs anticipate substantial changes in the coming three years, they rated their ability to manage change 22 percent lower. Through Chatting About Change, IEC bridges the “change gap” as we contribute industry know-how alongside the brightest minds and those “in the trenches” to shine the spotlight on topics such as these:

  • Fight or flight? Change management for survival in today’s economy
  • Driving adoption of new innovation and technology 
  • The change you can see. Why transparency is important
  • Using social media in change management programs
  • Change management for rapid and disruptive change
  • There’s an app for that. Change management using smart phones
  • Driving adopting of new sales processes through change management
…and many more

Are you ready to chat about change? For additional information about how you can become part of this exciting radio show, please contact Tom Floyd at tfloyd@ieconsulting.biz today!

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