Competency Identification and Development


Competency ID and DevelopmentOur Competency Identification and Development Service provides a suite of deliverables designed to help your organization better understand what it takes to be successful in a given job or role.

Through the identification and documentation of the attributes, knowledge, and skills required for a given job role, this service is generally the first step in creating a comprehensive competency-based human capital solution.   The deliverables developed within this service create a foundation that:

  • Recruiters and hiring managers can use to select the best candidates for a job role based on real-life experiences.
  • Employees and managers can use to manage individual performance and career development.
  • Managers can use to align individual goals to company objectives.
  • Organizations can use in succession planning and incentive compensation.


Our Competency Identification and Development Service:

  • Allows organizations to measure performance against consistent standards known to drive successful performance, reducing subjectivity and improving consistency in the performance management process.
  • Provides managers and employees with a common language around performance that can be used to prioritize development activities and improve individual performance more quickly. 
  • Assists recruiters in understanding the attributes, behaviors, or skills required to perform a job, increasing their chances of finding candidates who are the most qualified for a given role. 
  • Supplies a framework from which compensation and incentive programs can be based. 
  • Helps organizations perform succession planning activities by making it easier to identify high potential employees.