Content Development


Content DevelopmentOur Content Development Service is offered as part of our Employee Development practice. This service focuses on the creation of content or instructional activities within an overall suite of courses or training materials.  Depending on the overall instructional strategy or delivery channel (online or in-person), this service is a foundational piece supporting IEC's deliverables including instructor-led training and e-learning solutions.

Using instructional design methodologies, our Learning Consultants and Instructional Designers do the heavy lifting for our clients, working directly with subject matter experts and other stakeholders to develop content appropriate for: 

  • E-learning
  • Instructor-led Training
  • Job Aids
  • Self-Paced Documentation
  • Video Production
  • Virtual Classroom Delivery


Our Content Development experts help clients by:

  • Providing expertise and outside perspective to structure training content and improve results. 
  • Ensuring training programs meet stakeholder and learning objectives.
  • Developing custom content that addresses a client’s specific culture, methodologies, nomenclature, and processes. 
  • Defining new concepts, ideas, and processes that otherwise may not get defined based on internal constraints.
  • Incorporating instructional and performance-based methodologies to ensure the integrity of both new and existing training programs.