Insight on Coaching Testimonials

With Your Host Tom Floyd

“Tom Floyd's show offers an excellent forum for discussing the full range of coaching issues.   Tom selected the perfect combination of guests, each with complementary backgrounds and areas of expertise, which made for an engaging hour of conversation.”

Rob Asghar
Political Columnist
Executive Director of Communications, USC Office of the Provost

“Insight on Coaching is helping raise awareness about so many dimensions of our profession.  Tom's leadership is providing an invaluable service at a critical time for us as coaches.  We need to continue to share best practices and research so we bring coaching out of the Wild West and into a truly global future.”

Joshua Ehrlich, PhD
Dean, Master's Program in Executive Coaching
BeamPines, Inc.

“I was thrilled to be asked to participate on the Insight on Coaching radio show. The show was the third in a series about corporate coaching success stories. As someone involved in organizational learning and development, I know how important it is to share lessons learned and success stories. Listening to the other panelists reassured me that we frequently face common challenges -- and that we have options for addressing them. I am grateful for the opportunity to expand my professional community and am looking forward to continuing conversations with Tom and the other panelists.”

Karol Eller
Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton

“I want to thank you, Tom, for a wonderful experience as a guest on your show. Not only was I impressed by the caliber and knowledge of the other guests (I learned a lot!), I was also delighted with how seamlessly you facilitated the show, the guest comments and the logistics of live broadcasts. Great job! I wish all of my media experiences were as positive.”

Wendy S. Enelow, CCM, MRW, JCTC, CPRW
Author, Trainer & Career Consultant
Co-Founder & Director - Resume Writing Academy

“As a member of the guest panel for Going Green: Coaching for Social Responsibility, I was delighted with the overall dialog between all show guests. Tom asked intriguing questions and managed to bring together a panel that built upon each other’s ideas to provide insight into the complex topic of sustainability.”

Heather Gadonniex LEED AP
Green it Group

“Insight on Coaching is providing an incredibly valuable service to our field.  Tom is succeeding in getting great guests with the latest ideas. As a guest on the show myself, I am impressed with his professionalism.  Tom is a joy to work with!”

Marshall Goldsmith
Executive coach and author of "What Got You Here Won't Get You There" - a New York Times best seller, 'Top 5' business book for 2007 and Wall Street Journal #1 business book.

“Thanks for the opportunity to be involved with Insight on Coaching. The guest speakers were excellent, well prepared, and offered insightful information for the economic conditions we are facing. Tom hosted the show well.”

Gabe Graumann

“I felt the show, the participants and Tom Floyd were extremely knowledgeable about the topic of returning veterans and their needs as our heroes come back to the workplace and a non-active military role.  The give and take of ideas and different perspectives was one of the best examples of the positive role that shows like Tom's can play in our information rich society. I would gladly participate in any future shows with Tom and his broadcast team and would recommend to anyone that if invited they take advantage of the opportunity. I personally appreciate the small role I was allowed to play in assisting Tom in his efforts to provide insights into best practices regarding coaching and the workplace.”

Richard Halbrook
Executive Vice President, Dollar Thrifty Automotive Group

“Tom, thanks for the opportunity to join your panel. The other speakers were really interesting and insightful, and the format was comfortable.  No wonder you have lots of listeners.”

Burton Hamner
Cleaner Production International LLC

“Being a guest on Tom’s show was wonderful!  I can’t believe how fast the hour went. Tom did a great job of keeping us engaged and gave everyone a chance to talk about their expertise around selling and marketing to diverse consumers. I would welcome the opportunity to do another show!”

Shelley Willingham-Hinton
Coach, Founder and President
The National Organization for Diversity in Sales and Marketing

“From the original discussion with me to appear on the Insight on Coaching show to receiving a post-show summary, I encountered professional treatment from everyone involved with the show.  This included emails to prepare me for the event, biographies on my co-guests, and an easy system to link up with the studio.  All were first-rate.  Tom Floyd met with us before, during and after the broadcast segments providing positive feedback and letting us know he would ask about certain topics during the next portion of the show.  My co-hosts were extremely knowledgable and professional and my total experience was superb!  I would gladly appear with Tom on any venue and believe his show provides business professionals with a valuable product that allows them to improve their business practices.”

Earl Honeycutt, Ph.D.
Professor of Marketing and Sales Management Elon University, NC

“It was a real pleasure to be a guest on Tom Floyd's "Insight on Coaching" show.  The program content was well researched and thought provoking, incorporating different perspectives and opinions from experts in the field.  Tom Floyd, the host, was extremely professional to work with and has a great on-air personality.  The staff has done an exceptional job on marketing the show as well as staying in touch with the guests and listeners. This show was a great resource on leadership and business coaching.”

Maya Hu-Chan
Author, Global Leadership: The Next Generation
President, Global Leadership Associates

“I thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Insight on Coaching and host, Tom Floyd.  I have been a frequent guest and host of radio shows in the past and know it can take skill to ensure each guest participates and the audience has the benefit of varied perspectives.  Tom is great at it.

The various levels of expertise and credentials is also impressive in the show's ability to attract extremely accomplished professionals.  It was a great opportunity!”

Myra Jolivet
Chief Marketing Officer
American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles

“A sharp resource for coaches with wide-ranging, action-packed ideas and advice from some of the smartest minds around.”

Lynne Lancaster
Author, "When Generations Collide: Who They Are. Why They Clash. How to Solve the Generational Puzzle at Work."

“Tom is the ultimate, professional host. His questions are engaging, thought-provoking and insightful. He has a knack for making everyone feel comfortable.”

Anne Loehr
Partner, Riverstone Endeavors, and author of "A Manager’s Guide to Coaching: Simple and Effective Ways to Get the Best out of Your Employees"

“Tom’s show, which brings together a diversity of experienced guests to discuss an issue, is a simple, compelling format. The Internet allows you to listen in real-time or listen by podcast; a format perfectly suited for today’s multi-tasking communities.” 

Don Listwin
Founder, The Canary Foundation

“What a great way to reach a global and interested audience.  Being on the show was fun, insightful, and a great way to learn and connect with other leaders in this field."

Jane Moran
Global Program Manager and Executive Coach
EDS Global Learning & Development

“Tom Floyd's 'Insight on Coaching' show is a valuable forum for the business and professional world. By bringing together experts and thought leaders from the coaching and business world, Tom is able to offer his audience a wealth of information and insights on key issues in an engaging conversational format. With his affable style and astute questioning, Tom keeps the conversation on track while getting to the heart of issues. I recommend tuning into the show and bet you'll enjoy it!”

Ginny O’Brien
Executive Coach and Author

“Insight on Coaching connects business leaders, entrepreneurs, and everyday individuals with practical solutions for improving profitability and performance from the brightest minds in business. Leverage this invaluable resource to empower your organization and win!”

William Patterson
Award-Winning Speaker, Business and Wealth Coach
National Bestselling Co-author of The Baron Son

“I highly recommend "Insight on Coaching" to guests as well as listeners. The show is extremely professional and organized. It is a top-notch program with a well-informed host, knowledgeable guests, and valuable content.”

Kathy Jo-Pollack
Certified Life Coach, Trainer, and Speaker
Focusing on Financial Independence

“As frequent contributors to Tom’s show on generational differences in coaching, we’ve had the opportunity to share our expertise and learn from others in the field. Tom always assembles a stellar panel of guests that compliment each other’s style and knowledge, giving the audience both depth and breadth of topic. The show’s content, format and energy provide the perfect medium for guests and listeners alike!”

Amy Hirsh Robinson
Principal, Interchange Group

“Tom gets coaching. His style and format encourages the kind of collaboration amongst his guests that gets to the core issues that matter in today's workplace. In a young, fragmented industry that is in desperate need of further transformation, education and authentic leadership, Tom attracts the kind of talent that helps portray the coaching profession at its best. Tom is responsive and professional in his work. He is truly committed to the highest standards in the development of the coaching profession and in maintaining its integrity for those people who have earned the right as well as the credentials to call themselves a coach.”

Keith Rosen, MCC
CEO of Profit Builders and author of "Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions"

"Insight on Coaching was a great experience. Not only did it give me an opportunity to share my perspective on how executive coaches can use their craft to support the cause of sustainability in business, but the show was also a chance for me to learn more of what colleagues in the field are thinking and doing. Tom Floyd was a terrific host and facilitator, and he brought tons of useful statistics to the discussion.  Kudos to him and the program for exposing listeners to leading-edge topics like the intersection of coaching and sustainability."

Steve Salee, PCC, LMSW, MPA
Strategist, Executive Coach, Team Builder

“Tom Floyd is an excellent interviewer and an experienced professional in his field. My experience as a guest was as easy as having a conversation over coffee about our amazing work that we are so lucky to do.”

Karlin Sloan
Author, "Smarter, Faster, Better: Strategies for Effective, Enduring, and Fulfilled Leadership"

“Tom Floyd’s Insight on Coaching is a cutting edge program on the discipline of coaching.  Tom is a well-informed, intelligent host and interviewer who brings out the best in his guests; artfully and gracefully he opens the potential of coaching to his listeners.  If you want to glimpse the future of coaching as well the present ground it’s breaking, listen to Insight on Coaching.”

Richard Strozzi Heckler
Author, "The Leadership Dojo: Build Your Foundation as an Exemplary Leader"
President Strozzi Institute

“I was incredibly impressed by the depth of knowledge and the level of information brought to the show by the guests. I learned quite a few things myself.”

Alex Tabibi

“Insight on Coaching is a sorely needed resource for the rapidly-growing coaching marketplace. It is the only radio show / podcast available for this industry.  Tom Floyd routinely hosts some of the industry's most accomplished thought leaders, corporate practitioners and coaches.  It has been a pleasure to be associated with this production on several occasions.”

Brian Underhill, PhD
Author, "Executive Coaching for Results: The Definitive Guide to Developing Organizational Leaders"
Founder, CoachSource

“We have a professional pandemic upon us, and it is called Coaching.  As it continues to grow, almost exponentially, it has morphed and mutated, leaving long-standing, well-defined, helping processes like counseling and mentoring distant memories.  Tom Floyd, by sharing best practices with credible subject matter experts on Insight on Coaching is, in fact, defining much needed standards for the coaching profession.  His program is fast-moving and the topics are often complex, so Tom doesn’t waste time on warm-up (read lay-up) questions.  My personal experience with Tom and my Insight panel colleagues was memorable and I was honored to be a part of the team.”

Bob Vavrina
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
BlueCross BlueShield of North Carolina