Performance Planning and Management


Performance Planning and ManagementOur Performance Planning and Management Service is designed to build an effective performance management system based on your company’s mission, vision, values, and strategy and the role-specific competencies required to succeed in various positions across your organization. 

The purpose of this system is to improve individual, team, and organizational performance within your company by:

  • Aligning employee performance to team and organizational goals.
  • Allowing managers and employees to come to consensus on an initial assessment of the employee’s performance on the job against the competencies or skill required for his or her role.
  • Facilitating the development of short and long-term performance goals that stretch your employees’ performance.
  • Facilitating ongoing performance and career development conversations between managers and employees.
  • Leveraging performance feedback to identify organizational performance gaps and recommending effective solutions to address those gaps.

Examples of deliverables within our Performance Planning and Management Service include process consultations, new or updated role descriptions, performance planning templates and tools, the facilitation of skills assessments, competency alignment and coaching sessions with managers and their teams, the creation of development plans for employees, and more.


Our Performance Planning and Management Service helps companies:

  • Clearly articulate a common set of expectations within a job role.  Employees are judged based on a set of objective criteria based on solid research rather than the personal preferences of their manager.
  • Create a common language around performance that facilitates performance and career development conversations.  When a manager and employee talk about initiative as a skill needed for success on the job, you’ll know they’re talking about the same thing.
  • Provide clear feedback that allows the organization to focus its development resources where they’ll have the greatest benefit.  A competency-based performance management system allows a company to measure individual, team, and organizational performance against well-defined competencies or skills used across the entire organization.