Succession Planning


Succession PlanningMany companies promote employees based on the strength of their relationships with upper management or successful performance in another role, but don’t always have time to ensure potential candidates have been groomed to develop the experience, knowledge, and skills needed to tackle the new responsibilities a critical position can entail.
As a result employees can get promoted into roles they’re not ready for, having a significantly negative impact on organization and individual performance.

This is where we can help.  Our Succession Planning Service provides a suite of deliverables designed to help you identify high potential talent and create effective succession plans that focus attention on growing your organization’s future leaders. 

IEC’s Succession Planning process begins with a thorough assessment of each individual’s performance and results in a Talent Map listing all employees in the organization, providing a performance ranking of each with associated short term and long term development goals.


Our Succession Planning Service:

  • Provides an analysis of performance metrics for leaders and high potential employees.
  • Pinpoints the risk of unanticipated turnover. 
  • Helps senior leaders decide in whom to invest training and coaching dollars. 
  • Details recommendations on education, exposure, and experience activities to prepare employees for key positions as they become available.

Our service is especially beneficial to organizations that suffer from high turnover among high performers or face the eventual loss of executive talent.