Talent Acquisition


Talent AcquisitionYour company’s success depends on its ability to hire the right people for the work that needs to be done.  A solid recruiting process is the foundation upon which successful hiring decisions are made and the best talent is hired.  When an organization doesn’t have a consistent recruiting process or an ineffective recruiting process, it can suffer from the following symptoms:

  • Higher than expected turnover due to employee burnout, often because employees are not qualified to do the work.
  • A higher incidence of performance-related issues or employees placed on performance improvement plans.
  • An inability to promote talent from a particular job role because people are struggling in their current job role.

This is where our Talent Acquisition Service can help.  Our service provides a suite of deliverables designed to implement competency-driven, behaviorally-based interview processes across multiple job roles. 

We believe in a competency-driven, behaviorally-based interviewing approach for two reasons:

  • A competency-driven approach focuses recruiting efforts on finding candidates who have the attributes, behaviors, and skills necessary to succeed in the role.
  • A behaviorally-based interview approach gives recruiters and hiring managers the tools they need to objectively determine whether candidates really have the attitudes, knowledge, and skills necessary to succeed  - or whether they’re bluffing.

Examples of deliverables within our Talent Acquisition Service include comprehensive recruiting and onboarding strategies, interview guides tied to job role specific competencies, evaluation forms to objectively assess competence after the interview, and behavioral interview training to help recruiters and hiring managers effectively conduct competency-driven behavioral interviews.


Our Talent Acquisition Service:

  • Provides your recruiters and hiring managers with data, interventions, and scenarios to assess a potential candidate’s ability to successfully perform the job/role being hired.
  • Ensures candidates are compared against quantifiable and legally defensible criteria.
  • Introduces a process your company can use to establish consistency in the interview process for all candidates.
  • Assesses a candidate’s performance in different scenarios that reflect the environment in which the candidate will be working in your organization.