Training Needs Analysis


training needs analysisOur Training Needs Analysis Service is offered as part of our Employee Development practice.  With a goal of creating a comprehensive educational strategy that maximizes bottom line business results, this service helps our clients define the vision and objectives for a training offering or an entire curriculum, through data gathered from interviews, Subject Matter Experts, and other internal sources. 

A Training Needs Analysis can be helpful for clients who:

  • Are launching a new product or program but are unsure of the best training approach.
  • Have conducted a skills assessment that has identified knowledge gaps, but need help identifying the most appropriate strategy to address them.
  • Are looking to launch a certification program but are unsure of where to get started.
  • Are unsure of what their internal stakeholders are looking for in terms of education or training for the next fiscal quarter or year.

From an overall audience analysis to the development of thorough recommendations with corresponding executive presentations, the IEC team will help you “land the plane,” detailing what it will take to rollout a robust training program for your organization.


IEC’s clients can benefit from a Training Needs Analysis by:

  • Developing a thorough understanding of their training audience.
  • Doing the homework needed to determine if, how, and when a training program should be delivered.
  • Feeling confident they’ve selected an appropriate blend of training delivery solutions to meet stakeholder needs.
  • Providing qualitative and quantitative data to justify an overall training solution.

In general, if you’re unsure of what type of training may be needed to address a business challenge or enable the success of a new program, a Training Needs Analysis is the solution for you.