Management Consulting

Workforce Performance Practice

You want your employees to perform their best. But sometimes obstacles can get in their way. Whether it’s insufficient knowledge or skills, work overload, limited career coaching or guidance, or simply a case of having the right people in the wrong roles, many organizations can use a hand in designing an overall career development strategy that grows their talent - and improves the bottom line.

This is where IEC’s management consulting comes in. Our Workforce Performance practice helps improve a company’s ability to select the right people, maximize their performance, and develop them to their full potential.

By clearly defining job roles, determining existing skill gaps and facilitating processes for open discussions between managers and employees, our management consulting services help clients create engaged, productive work environments.

Every engagement is different -- we customize our management consulting services to meet the unique workforce challenges of your organization. We frequently combine services to create leadership development programs to build management bench strength and prepare your organization’s leaders of tomorrow.

Management Consulting Services

Our workforce performance services fall into these primary categories:

  • Competency Identification and Development: We identify and document the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required for employee success.
  • Talent Acquisition: We improve your organization’s ability to identify and hire people with the right combination of competencies and skills required for the job.
  • Performance Planning and Management: We assess, develop, and refine the processes and tools that tie individual performance to business goals while preparing employees for expanding responsibilities.
  • Succession Planning: We design a system that identifies high performers and introduces processes and programs to build your organization’s next generation of leaders.